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If you are an Auto Dealer or Principal, there is a good chance you have viewed the “Detailing Department” as an unwelcome requirement to doing business. Vehicles are required to be prepped after arriving at the dealership, and a delivery prep is often required when a car is sold — new or pre-owned. Just a regular part of the business, right? Well, maybe not as regular as it used to be. Consider outsourcing with Buff Masters.


Let’s face it. The cost of maintaining an in-house detailing group has become increasingly expensive, let alone the need for maintaining adequate skill level to keep the cars looking new and attractive (BTW — most dealers agree their return on investment of a detail before auction is about 400-600%! — not bad).


Costs of maintaining Dealer Prep Services are broader than most know. Here are some obvious and hidden costs: Employment costs: Recruiting, Advertising, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Turnover. Workers’ Compensation: Training, Safety, Insurance, Deductibles. Garage & Liability Insurance: Deductibles, Premiums Chemicals & Supplies. Management Oversight Requirement Training.

What if we could eliminate the cost, while growing your services and profit!?

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Why Outsource Your Detailing with Buff Masters

Decrease Cost of Maintenance

One of the many benefits of outsourcing is the cost of maintaining an in-house detailing group shall be no more. A great many expenses vanish as we take care of the inventory,  employee’s, training and more. We’ll do the Detailing, while you focus on the core of your business.

Increase Profitability

Offer services to customers as up charge that improve profitability! 50 details at $100 profit can add $5,000 of profit to your dealership, per month. Selling additional services like Ceramic Pro, Interior Treatments, and Paint Protection can easily add hundreds of dollars in per unit gross margin.

Enhanced Services

You’ll be adding more services! Not only will you have Basic Prep & Detailing Services, you will also have Enhanced Services such as: Paint Repair, Scratch & Dent, Headlight Restoration, Paint Protection, Ceramic Pro, Ozone Treatments & more.

Less Liability

From Insurance Deductibles to Liability insurance, outsourcing can save a fortune. Removing the burden of liability alone can save your dealership thousands of dollars!

Find Out More!

Interested in outsourcing your Detailing department? Should you have any Questions, need any Help, or just want to get started. Please fill out the following form and we’ll be in touch soon (usually within 24 hours). Feel free to give us a call 910.350.0700

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