Top 10 Reasons to Outsource with Buff Masters

1) Less People Problems

Eliminate employee payroll, as well as the associated taxes, workers comp, and dreaded “people problems” that come from in house staff.

2) Un-wasted Talent

Dealership talent (such as the sales and service managers) is not used up on non-productive, non-revenue producing tasks that often involve dealing with issues in the detail department.

3) Expense Control

We handle and control all chemical cost, waste, labor costs, merchandise cost, freight costs, insurance costs, loss control, and training costs… Just to name a few!

4) Daily Invoices

Invoices are uploaded daily on each vehicle service, so there is no guessing on what services have been provided and how much they cost. There is a “real” cost per unit, clearly documented via auto VIN billing.

5) Cover Large Influxes

You’ll have the ability to instantly cover large influxes of cars due to build out arrivals, large auction purchases, or event sales. We have the ability to move staff between establishments based on demand and cover those times that you need extra hands on deck.

6) Dependable Employees

You are able to demand quality, on time work, and expect it to be done, as opposed to “negotiation” with direct employees & tip toeing around sensitive employee issues.

7) Produce More Revenue

You can turn your detail department into a retail, revenue producing machine! Customers can be up sold on a variety of retail procedures, viewing your dealership as a one stop shop for all of their automotive needs!

8) Trained Professionals

As an industry leader, our staff is professionally trained and each staff member is easily identifiable with appropriate uniforms.

9) Management Talent

Our management talent lives & breathes the detail/accessory business every day, giving 100% of their time to running a successful, efficient business.

10) Use Latest Technology

We use the latest state of the art electronics & appearance products as they are available. We attend various products shows, field test the newest products for leading detailing chemical & machine suppliers/manufacturers, to assure that we stay on top of our game with the best possible products and processes!

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