Ceramic Pro Home Solutions

The Ultimate Protection for your Entire Home!

Ceramic Pro Home Solutions can protect almost anything in your home!
From Glass Doors & Windows, to Carpet, Wood Flooring, Appliances, Bathrooms, Counter Tops, Leather Sofa’s, Fabric Sofa’s, Stainless Steal Barbecue’s, Marble, Tiles, Kitchen Backsplashes and so much more.

Want to make your kitchen & bathroom easier to clean, scratch resistant, and even graffiti resistant?
In a busy family house, cleaning is no small chore! Life happens, and our home sometimes suffers. Ceramic Pro Home Solutions offers an awesome answer to make your life a lot easier.  Any surface treated with Ceramic Pro becomes significantly enhanced.
Stronger, resistant to scratches, and twice as easy to clean! Not to mention it’s added gloss and shine, Ceramic Pro will add longevity while resisting stains, liquids, molds & mildew, fingerprints, crayons, markers & more.

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Ceramic Pro Home Solutions Wilmington NC

Ultimate Protection

Ceramic Pro can protect nearly anything. From hardwood floors, to marble counter tops, appliances, cabinets and more. Adding an ultra hard layer of liquid/stain/scratch resistant protection.

Ceramic Pro Home Solutions Wilmington NC Applications

Indoor & Outdoor

Indoors: Carpet, flooring, counter tops, sinks, cabinets, appliances, furniture, carpet and more! Outdoors: Stainless steel barbecue, outdoor furniture, glass windows/doors, outdoor bar, lawnmower, tractors.

Ceramic Pro Home Solutions Wilmington NC

Less Time Cleaning

Ceramic Pro creates a hydrophobic, ultra-slick barrier which resists liquids, oils, stains and scratches. Simply put, you’ll spend half the time cleaning and more time enjoying your family!

Ceramic Pro Home Solutions Wilmington NC Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention

Protect that BBQ! Men, we often thrive on our ultimate grilling powers. Keeping your grill clean & rust free (especially so for stainless steel) is mandatory for any respectable BBQ. Keep that rust at bay, while making your grill twice as easy to clean! Ceramic Pro resists Rust, Oil, Grease and even those seriously annoying bird poops that are so perfectly targeted at a flawlessly cleaned grill. Replete with UV protection.

Ceramic Pro Home Solutions Wilmington Coated vs Uncoated


Appliances, Counter tops, Sinks & Barbecues often become dull and faded. Especially so for stainless steel appliances. Ceramic Pro can reverse the dull appearance, bringing back a deep, rich looking shine & luster. Amazing on barbecue and refrigerators alike.

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Family Safe & Environment Friendly

Ceramic Pro is non-toxic, safe for humans and environmentally friendly. To top that off, since your cleaning becomes twice as easy and even faster, you’ll waste less resources in the process and ditch your harsh cleaning agents. Saving money over time, while preserving the life of your home, appliances, couches, BBQ, furniture, outdoor furniture/appliances and even your Vehicles!

Permanent Protection

Excellent Durability

Scratch Resistant

Safe For Human Health & Environment

Easy Cleaning Super Hydrophobic Effect

Thermal Resistance Up To 1,382 Degrees °F

Factory Look & Feel

Weather & UV Resistant

Keeps Fibers Clean

Beautiful Deep Gloss Shine

Anti-Stain & Graffiti

Oleophobic Effect - Resists Oils

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