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Ceramic Pro is not only for cars, boats, and RV! It’s also the absolute perfect protection for your Airplane or Helicopter!  Ceramic Pro helps to protect air vessels from corrosion & icing, while saving $$$ on maintenance costs with it’s self-cleaning effect and easy maintenance. Ceramic Pro can be applied on all types of air vessels (both interior & exterior). Providing that extra deep gloss shine we all love, and includes self-cleaning properties. Due to its “hydrophobic” surface, Ceramic Pro provides better visibility and additional safety to flights during rain or snow.


Exterior Protection
Exterior can be protected from corrosion, contaminants and any accidental damage. Ceramic Pro coatings are non-organic and cannot be dissolved by acids, bases, and solvents. It will permanently remain on a vessel and save its brand-new appearance for years.


Interior Protection
Ceramic Pro range of products has specialized solutions for plastic, leather, textile and antibacterial coating based on titanium dioxide with ions of silver. These coatings can extend the lifespan of Civil Aviation vessels and improve safety for passengers. In addition, it can refresh the look of seats and plastic parts of the interior that have been in use for a long time.


Ceramic Pro Wilmington is located in Wilmington NC, and can come to your location or FBO at a time most convenient for you. Feel free to get a Free Quote or give us a call at 910.350.0700

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Easy Cleaning, Superior Protection, Ceramic Pro

Permanent Protective Coating for Aircraft!

Cleaning your Aircraft or Helicopter is a tedious, time consuming chore. Yet, even the biggest airlines are aware that a clean aircraft gets the best fuel mileage. Let Ceramic Pro cut this work down for you! Cleaning is simply easier on a Ceramic Pro treated surface. Dirt is repelled from it’s ultra slick surface, meaning less work for you, and less waste of water & soap!


Ceramic Pro will absolutely amaze you. It is the Ultimate protection for your Aircraft, and we’re certain you’ll love the results. Ceramic Pro Wilmington is a licensed installer of Ceramic Pro Aviation and well versed in Aircraft and Helicopter applications. Click Here to get a fast & Free Quote.

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Interior Protection

Ceramic Pro Aviation can be applied to just about any interior surface. Protecting your entire interior from stains, spills, & even UV damage from the sun. Your interior will simply age less, look great, and last longer!

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Exterior Protection

Ceramic Pro Aviation creates an ultra slick barrier against the elements. Dirt, dust & grime simply slide off of its surface, meaning you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying a beautifully preserved aircraft.

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Resale Value

Aircraft & Helicopters that are treated with Ceramic Pro, simply last longer, and look nicer! Aging less, and keeping a beautiful interior & exterior for the long term. When it comes to resale time, you’ll be delighted to know that your aircraft or helicopter will stand out above the rest.

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