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Fundraising – Buff Masters Car Wash & Detail Center RAISING MONEY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION IS NOW EASIER THAN EVER!! Start selling Buff Masters Car Wash & Detail Center Wash Cards and watch the money pour in while you help save valuable natural resources!!
SCHOOLS, YOUTH GROUPS, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, ATHLETIC TEAMS, CIVIC GROUPS, and CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS. Forget about programs, directory ads, magazine subscriptions, candy, cookies, wrapping paper, and other things that some organizations try to sell to people that don’t want or need them!! The Buff Masters Car Wash Community Fund Raising Program lets you offer your supporters something that everyone wants, needs, appreciates, and values: a Buff Masters Car Wash!! Not everyone loves candy, but everyone has a car and everyone loves Buff Masters!
Buff Masters Car Wash Cards are easy for your members to sell and manage, and easy for your donors to redeem. When you let Buff Masters Car Wash Staff wash cars, instead of staging your own neighborhood car wash, you help preserve water and dispose of soap through Buff Masters environmentally-safe methods. Pollution generated from charity car washes, held in parking lots, goes down the storm drains, from where the untreated liquids and chemicals are discharged into our streams, lakes, bays, and oceans. Buff Masters Car Wash location disposes of the remaining liquids by first removing most solids, and then directly disposing of the remaining liquids into the sanitary sewer system where it can be properly treated and processed.
THE BUFF MASTERS CAR WASH COMMUNITY FUNDRAISING PROGRAM: – Helps your organization raise a substantial amount of money in a short period of time! – Lets your organization partner with a respected, well-established brand in the Wilmington area! – Gives your donors something of genuine value in exchange for their contribution! – Requires no cash outlay from your members of your treasury! – Requires no order-taking or deliveries by your members!

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