Employment Application

Welcome to Buff Masters! This is a fresh start to a new journey, and we’d like to get to know you a bit. To be considered for employment, please start by filling out the following application. It’s really simple, pain-free, and easy to do! Once submitted, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for applying.

Do you have a Drivers License?

Are you legally eligible to work in the USA?

Are you a Veteran?

Do you have a Criminal Record?

Is there a specific position you are applying for?

When are you available to start?

Are you interested in Full Time employment?

Education Level

Are you attending School at this time?

Have Any Previous Experience?

Here's your time to shine! Tell us about you. This is optional, but the more insight you give us, the better we can work with you! For instance, if you are a musician by night & need an income by day - tell us! We'll listen to your band and be happy to support you! Are you into watercraft or perhaps a specific type of car? Do you compete in a sport, or have a hobby that you love? Who's your favorite artist or writer? Do you like to surf or fish? We'll settle for a joke if you have one! (keep it clean) What is the meaning of life!? 😛