How often should I wax my car or truck?

How often should you wax your car?

This all depends on the owner and the conditions surrounding your vehicle. If your vehicle is parked in a garage and sheltered from harsh conditions, waxing twice per year may be enough to protect your paints finish. However, if your car or truck is often exposed to snow, rain, road salt, dirt, wind and sun, it probably should be waxed on a 2 to 4 month schedule. That’s the general idea at least. Let’s look a little further into how often your should wax your car.


Waxing for the Dream Ride (collectors vehicle) that lives in the Garage

The garage kept vehicle will inherently receive less exposure to the elements. Generally speaking, waxing twice per year is on par to keep that “new” shine looking brilliant.


Waxing schedule for your Daily Driver

The Daily Driver certainly receives a lot more punishment from the elements. To thoroughly protect the paint on this type of vehicle, waxing & washing more often is definitely suggested. Road debris, salt, dirt, bugs, bird droppings, tar, heavy winds and severe weather can absolutely wreak havoc on the exterior of any vehicle. It becomes even more imperative, the the daily driver has a good wax coating. Not only to protect the paint, but to keep it from scratching! You’ll want to wax this vehicle every 2 to 4 months, depending on use and conditions.


More Waxing = Easier to Clean!

One major point to keep in mind – If you car has a good wax coating, the removal of contaminants becomes much easier. Road tar, dirt and bird droppings should come off of your paint without over doing it (far less elbow grease) when you have a good wax coating. This in turn, keeps small scratches and swirl marks out of the vehicles finish. You won’t be grinding away your paint while attempting removal. Instead, the wax will let the contaminant go and/or if any minor scratching is had – it will be in the wax, not the clear coat!


Don’t forget Washing

The most important factor to any good wax, starts with the correct wash. A normal car wash use mechanical brushes, which often produce small scratches and swirls in your paint. This is at the heart of Buff Masters Hand Wash. We are the only professional hand wash in Wilmington NC and we specialize in the preservation of your vehicle.  From wash, to wax, to even more impressive treatments like Ceramic Pro.


Go BEYOND Wax! Try Ceramic Pro.

Are you obsessed with preserving your vehicles appearance? Go beyond wax! Ceramic Pro is a protective ceramic coating for your vehicles clear coat. Ceramic Pro gives you that “new car” shine while protecting your vehicle’s clear coat for life. Helping to raise the vehicles long term value, as Ceramic Pro treated vehicles have options for life-time warranties. Definitely something worth checking out, especially if you have a collectors car or a daily driver! It’s proven to cut down on wash time, as it’s ultra slick surface repels water while lifting dust and grime away.

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