Is my car making me sick?

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We’re all constantly on the go, from grocery stores, to soccer games and even the family trip to the shore. Sometimes, we feel like our vehicles become somewhat of a second home – as we spend more time commuting and less time cleaning. But is your car really making you sick? Is it even possible that a car could make someone sick? Let’s take a deeper look into this…


Believe it or not, your vehicle is a likely place for bacteria to live

For most of us, our vehicles are used for “life”. We just go and rarely stop to think about our vehicles health. As in, is it healthy for humans? Perhaps the short answer is: This depends on the owner. A meticulous owner, being far less likely to have a pile of ecoli brewing in their trunk. However, just imagine the places where bacteria and contaminants could be living in your vehicle…


Floor-mats are the first place to look

Whenever someone enters your vehicle, they bring in all sorts of contaminants on their shoes. This can be anything from a simple grass clipping to a bit of soil. Or, a lot worse, like some dog droppings or that grass clipping was freshly pee’d on by your neighbors cat. This is all potentially culminating on your floor-mats! The driver alone, continuously tracks in dirt and dust from the outside. It’s easy to see how keeping your floor-mats clean is probably a good idea. Rubber floor mats are often better, as carpet loves to hold on to small particles. Though, some owners don’t like the look of rubber mats, it’s always an option. Either way, keep it clean and you’ll avoid all sorts of allergens, contaminants and even bad smells!


Groceries in the trunk? A very likely Bacteria Culprit

We often put groceries in the trunk of our vehicle. Without knowing it, you can easily have a small Nat or insect join in for the ride home. Particles of food, things that spill, oh there’s a plethora of potential bacteria growing organics here. Cleaning your trunk should be part of your normal washing. Even if it doesn’t look dirty. A good vacuuming is always in order for your entire vehicle.


Cabin Filter Maintenance. Avoid allergy irritants

Many modern cars and trucks now come with a cabin filter and they are often very reliable at removing pollutants from the cabin air. You should always follow your manufacturers scheduled maintenance for replacing the cabin filter. If you use your heat or AC often, this filter could be completely filled with allergy irritating pollen, dust or bacteria. Changing this filter will keep your heat/ac flowing at it’s normal speed, as the filter eventually gets clogged potentially slowing down the flow of air which means less filtration.


Clean the Exterior and Interior of your car

For the exterior, getting a car wash is important (and often overlooked). Your vehicle is continuously touched by you and others (and your hands are not always clean). The door handles, doors and trunk are often covered with contaminants which build up. Both the outside and inside of your vehicle need to be cleaned on a regular schedule to avoid buildups of any foreign materials that just don’t belong in or on your car. Including the glass, and under the seats (wow – you wouldn’t believe what you’d find there – let’s not even talk about that french fry).


There’s no shortcuts to great ownership!

Hey, it takes a little work! Maintaining your vehicle can take some time. But it’s returns (for both your health and the long term value of your vehicle) are exceptional. If you are an allergy sufferer, keeping you car clean can be vital to improved health. Overall, maintaining your vehicle properly via regular washing, cleaning & vacuuming is just good practice.


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