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Allergy season is upon us, and nothing is worse for your car than pollen!
Pollen not only irritates your sinuses, it also attacks your vehicle by clinging to the tiniest pores in the surfaces of your paint, trim, lights, small crevices, even your engine compartment! Removal is a chore, and to keep your car perfect, requires that all the pollen is removed promptly, repeatedly throughout the season.


Pollen Myth’s & Facts – Should I rinse Pollen off with Water?
A lot of folks believe that you should simply rinse a pollen covered vehicle with water. However, this is actually bad for your paint! As you rinse away the pollen, tiny particles cling to the surface. The water has now activated the pollen’s acidic properties. Thus eating away at your paint! Let’s face it… It’s all in, or nothing! You need to wash your car thoroughly from head to toe, and even in places you can’t see.


The Best Solution – Unlimited Buff Club!
Buff Masters Unlimited Buff Club is the perfect solution for the Pollen season & beyond. For only $14.99 you’ll be able to bring your vehicle in all month long for Unlimited Washes! You’ll also receive 10% Off  any Express Detail Services, and even have the option of the Buff Plus Club. Conveniently located in Wilmington NC at 1202 S College Rd.

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Keeping your vehicle sparkling clean, all month long...

You are charged for only 1 month at a time. You can Pause/Resume your subscription at any time. To get started, just Click the “Join Now” button, fill in your info & go. We’ve made our Signup process quick and easy! (But if you have any troubles, please Contact Us or Call 910.350.0700)

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Ceramic Pro - The Best Vehicle Protection!

Take Pollen control to the next level, with Ceramic Pro. It’s nano technology creates a superior, ultra slick surface, which resists pollen, dirt, and debris. This results in less work, less cleaning, less washing, with a deeper, richer, smoother shine like no other! Even helping to raise the value of your vehicle.

Packages Starting at ONLY $300!

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