Paint Protection Film

So you’ve purchased a brand new vehicle or currently have a vehicle and you’re interested In protecting the condition and quality of your investment.   Look no further because Buff Masters Car Wash and Detail is the Premier installer of PPF in the greater Wilmington area.  So you’re asking yourself, what is PPF?

What is PPF? (Paint Protection Film)

Paint Protection Film is a thermoplastic urethane clear film that is applied to painted surfaces of new or used vehicles to protect against stone chips, oxidation, minor abrasions, acidic contaminants, and corrosion.

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Window Tinting

The summer heat in Wilmington, coupled with the traffic, leaves everyone looking for relief from the sun and heat. Tinting your car or truck is the best way to block harmful UV rays and keep the interior of your vehicle cool. Vehicle Tint can help protect the interior from fading and leather from drying and cracking. Along with the other known advantages of installing window film on your car. Window tinting provides heat relief, glare reduction, UV protection and privacy.

Buff Masters is the areas Premier Window Tinting and Detail Center in the Greater Wilmington Area.  Click below to learn more about Window Tint packages!

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