AT-5 Sealant

Formula AT-5 Acrylic Teflon Paint Sealant
Buff Masters is trained in the application process of Acrylic Teflon and will provide you with high quality professional service.

Facts about Formula AT-5
Formula AT-5 Acrylic Teflon Sealant seals and screens out ultra-violet rays, resists and protects against pollution, salt spray, bird droppings and guards against fading. Formula AT-5 forms an overcoat of protection that will last 5 times longer than wax under normal conditions.

The chemical properties of Formula AT-5 sealant make it more compatible with acrylic paints, as acrylic-to-acrylic yields the very best adhesion. Acrylic Teflon, when applied to the vehicle, actually becomes part of the finish, creating an impenetrable shield that rust-proofs, seals and shines brilliantly.

Based on scientific tests, Formula AT-5 achieves an extraordinary glossy finish that beautifies beyond compare, while sealing and protecting against corrosion. “When used on a dull, oxidized surface, the gloss reading was increased from 30% to approximately 80%.”

TeflonĀ® is one of the slickest substances known to man, so it can also reduce the coefficient of air friction (drag) by up to 40%. Teflon is used on aircraft and speed boats to increase fuel economy and speed.

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