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Detailing for all Marine & Watercraft, Wilmington NC

The harsh marine environment can take a toll on your boat causing oxidation and corrosion. This will dramatically reduce the life span and the overall value of your boat. Buff Masters can help you protect your investment with our professional marine detailing service. We use top quality products that will make your boat look like new again and offer the most protection available against the harsh environment.

Enjoy your boat, leave the hard work to us!
– Wash Downs starting at $2 per foot.
– Complete Detailing starting at $18 per foot.

Because boats come in many different styles, sizes, and conditions we do not offer standard prices. We will be glad to meet with you and inspect your boat to determine exactly what your needs are, and the condition of your boat. Then we will customize a detailing package and price structure, specifically for your boat.

Buff Masters Boat Detailing and Watercraft Detailing

Ceramic Pro for Boat & Watercraft

Ceramic Pro isn’t just for Autos! It’s also the perfect protection for Boats & Marine craft alike. Ceramic Pro can be applied to all surfaces, above and below the water line! The harsh conditions of the underwater environment are a well-known problem, Ceramic Pro protects against corrosion created by salt water and the fouling on the hull, caused by the accumulation of algae, shells, and even ocean debris.

Ultimate Protection. Less Cleaning, More Fun!

Let’s face it. Making a mess is fun! While cleaning procedures can be exhausting (and not very environmentally friendly). Ceramic Pro can change all of this! Its coating will make surfaces so repellent, that the cleaning process will no longer be problematic. You’ll spend less time scrubbing and enjoy more time playing! Ceramic Pro, protecting boats & marine craft around world, non-toxic, eco-friendly, superior protection!

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