Will a car wash extend the life of my car?

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How long much longer could your car last, if it’s properly washed by a pro?

You’d be surprised! Let’s take a look into the concept of “Keeping it clean!”. Your vehicles exterior surface, wheels and frame are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, road tar, debris, salt, bird droppings and more. Over time, the painted surfaces can begin to break down and wear. The short answer, and astounding yes! But let’s look further into the matter…


Keeping it clean, means better gas mileage!

I’ll bet you didn’t even notice… But those huge airlines know the secret. Keeping the exterior surfaces sparkling clean, means better gas mileage via less wind resistance. When dirt and foreign particles build up, it slows you down! Washing your car regularly and save some gas.


The cleaner it is, the less it will wear!

The parts on your vehicle love to be clean (and thoroughly dried). Leaving water to sit, can easily promote corrosion. A professionally cleaned vehicle will be hand washed, and hand dried. As to leave no micro-scratches.


Helps stop frame and wheel rot!

Leaving salts, mud and grime on your vehicles frame and wheels only promotes further buildup. Trapping water & grime, this makes your frame and wheels more susceptible to corrosion or rot. Washing the rims, tires and frame, will keep these buildups away. Extending the life of your beloved, sweet ride!


Take it one step further, Wax it yearly or get Ceramic Pro!

Ceramic Pro is an ultra slick, super hard protective coating for your vehicle. It not only provides a super slick surface, it also cuts down on your wash time! Offering a lifetime (transferable) warranty!

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