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Detailing for RV, Coach & Campers in Wilmington NC

Is your Coach, Camper or RV looking dull or dirty? The heat from the sun as well as the salt air can seriously wear away at your paints finish. Ultimately leaving behind a dull, hazy, oxidized surface. Avoiding this means proper detailing up to 3 times per year. But what if it’s already gone too far, and oxidation has already formed? An RV is essentially a mini-house, and there is usually a LOT of surface to cover.


Let Buff Masters take care of your Recreational Vehicle detailing! We can correct & reverse oxidation, while polishing all painted & metal surfaces back to their original, glorious luster. Restoring that factory shine & beauty, while helping to maintain the long term value.


We offer a full line of professional RV detailing services to help you maintain a quality, beautiful looking exterior & interior. We’ll even give you a free quote!


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Buff Masters RV Detailing Ceramic Pro Wilmington NC
Buff Masters Coach Detailing Wilmington NC
Buff Masters Rv Detailing, Coach Detailing, Camper Detailing Wilmington NC

Less Work, More Play!

Ceramic Pro - Superior Protection for your RV, Coach & Camper

Is washing becoming a chore? Are you tired of having to wax your RV 3 times per year? Want a longer protection option that makes it easier to wash!? Buff Masters is a licensed Ceramic Pro installer for your RV, Coach or Camper. Once applied, it creates a hydrophobic surface which resists water, dust, and dirt! Cutting wash time down and increasing the time needed between washes. You’ll have a deeper looking, glossier shine that protects for the long term.

Stays Cleaner, Longer!

Creates a hydrophobic surface, repelling water while lifting dirt & grime. Water passes over the surface and simply carries it away.

Adds a Deep Gloss Finish

Adds a deep, glossy shine that you'll love! Restoring that beautiful factory appeal, while adding to the long term resale value.

Less Work, More time for FUN

No more waxing 3 times a year! Not only will it be easier & faster to clean, but you'll also have a superior protection that is far stronger & longer lasting than any wax you could ever find!

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