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Benefits of Ceramic Pro Kavaca Window Tint

Revolutionary Window Tint

Nano-ceramic technology has not only changed the vehicle enhancement and protection industry, but revolutionized it as well. Ceramic Pro Kavaca ceramic window tint is the most advanced window film ever created. Ceramic Pro, utilizing nano-ceramic and nano-carbon technology, have brought to life superior ceramic protection for not only your vehicle, but windows as well.

Kavaca window film not only blocks up to 97% of infrared heat and cancer-causing UV rays, it also keeps the interior of your vehicle a lot cooler, making you feel even better than you did if you parked in the shade. Because of its superior heat blocking abilities, your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard. The reduction in ambient heat from powerful solar rays also means you’re using less fuel – which is better for the environment and great for your wallet.

Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro
Kavaca Ceramic Window Tint Benefits Include:

  • Blocks up to 97% of Infra-Red Rays
  • Keeps Interior Much Cooler
  • Blocks Cancer-causing UV Rays
  • Excellent Window Glass Protection
  • Decreases Load on AC System
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Available in Different Tint Levels
  • Superior Clarity
  • Zero Electronic Signal Interference
  • Better Occupant Privacy

Window Tint by Buff Masters & Suntek

window tint looks cool and stays cool

Improve Look & Performance

Buff Master’s professional SunTek installers offer a broad selection of window automotive products, each able to improve the look and performance of window glass in its own way.

Suntek Window Tint Installers

Suntek window tint is engineered with time-tested and cutting-edge technologies and offered in styles from rich black to optically clear.

Buff Masters stands behind them with Suntek’s limited warranty and installed by Wilmington’s premier automotive detail center.  So feel free to choose what best meets your demands for performance and style and schedule your appointment today.

Select metal-free ceramic or carbon film technology to keep GPS, satellite radio and cellular phone signals free from interference. Make a statement with an industry-leading specialty mirrored look. Or go for a low-key clear film that doesn’t alter appearance.

Suntek window tint by Buff Masters Wilmington NC

Window Tint Benefits


Enhance your vehicle with a custom look


Protect your privacy with darkened glass


Stay cooler and reduce A/C usage


Helps block harmful UV rays


Protect vehicle interior from fading

Window Tint for Your Home

Tinting the windows in your home offers several benefits for your comfort and safety.

    • Maintain desired temperatures throughout your home and remove hot spots.
    • For homes right on the street, home tint protects your family from onlookers and passersby
    • For very little investment you can improve your home’s value
    • Reduce your family’s exposure to harmful UV rays
    • Home window tint makes temperature control easier throughout your home, thus reducing your cooling and heating bills
    • Tinted windows are low maintenance and easy to clean
    • Windows that are tinted provide another level of security should the kid next door throw a baseball through your window

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Home Tint by Buffmasters Wilmington NC

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